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We are Manufacturers of All Kinds of Center Bolts, U-Bolts, Spring Pins, Wheel Spanners and Bronze Buses.

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Manufacturers,Exporters and Suppliers of:

Spring Center Bolts, Center Bolts, U-Bolts, Spring U-Bolts, Spring Pins, Wheel Spanners, Bronze Buses for Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles.

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Gurdarshan Industries

Manufacturers, Exporters And Suppliers of Center Bolts for Truck, Tractors, Buses, Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles.

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Gurdarshan Industries is a leading manufacturer of Center Bolts, U Bolts in Ludhiana that is used for alignment of leaves in a leaf spring and also maintains the position of the axles on springs.  

u bolts manufacturers

We are  engaged in manufacturer of U Bolts, spring u bolts Heavy duty u bolts in Ludhiana. Owing to various features like dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and durability.

Gurdarshan Industries offers a wide range of Spring Pins for the national and international markets. We are Professional and Excellent Spring Pins Manufacturers in Ludhiana

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customer satisfaction

Satisfaction of customers is basically the only factor which leads a company towards winning in the markets. If a business firm has its customers satisfied then there is barely any factor which might result in a loss. We are an organization which understands the foretold factors and always ascertains to earn the content of its clients.

our team

Gurdarshan Industries is endeavoring with pride only because of the works done by our employees. It is the way in which our personnel handles each task, which further makes us a business entity worthy of praise in the eyes of the customers. We only recruit our employees on the basis of their expertise in their respective role due to which we are able to maintain proficiency in execution of the works.


Continuous change is necessary. This is what ascertains that a company remains capable to deliver the Spring Center Bolts, Spring u Bolts, Spring pins, Bronze Bush, Wheel Spanner etc., to the customers in this dynamic market where regularly improved products are requirements.

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